Finding the Right Replacement Water Filter

Man replacing the water filter in his kitchen

Every home or business has different needs when it comes to their water purification and filtration system. Some businesses may have a reverse osmosis water treatment solution and some homes may have a whole house water softener system that uses post filter cartridges. Whatever your needs for a water treatment system is, knowing how to maintain your equipment is important for keeping your home or business’ water clean and pure. The most common and routine maintenance you can do is replacing the water filters that your water treatment system uses.

How to Tell When Your Water Filter Needs Replacing

Water filters trap debris and sedimentary materials, and over time will prohibit the flow of water through them. If you notice an odor or an unsavory taste in your water, it is time to purchase replacement water filters. Taste and smell are not the only factors to consider. You may notice a drop in water pressure and this could be a sign that your filter is full of trapped contaminants. Some water filter housings are clear and transparent, which allows you to see the filter. This allows you to look and see if the filter is needing replacement based on the change in the filter’s color. Your filter and treatment systems will also tell you a recommended number of gallons and a time period to replace your water filter, and this is a good indicator for changing the filter if there are no other signs to replace your filter. Here is a list of water contaminants and the ill effects they cause:

  • Iron – red stains and/or metallic odor
  • Iron Bacteria – red strings and/or stains
  • Manganese – black stains and/or metallic taste
  • Hydrogen Sulfide – rotten egg odor and/or black stains
  • Low Ph – fixture degradation and/or green stains
  • Turbidity – poor water clarity
  • Tannins – brown colored water

Having a professional guide you through your purchase and installation is important for treating your water properly. How often you need to replace your water filter depends on the level and type of contaminants found in your water. Sediment pre-filters should be changed from 3-6 months unless there are signs it needs replacing sooner. In many metro areas, your filter cartridge is likely going to need replacing after a calendar year. There is no steadfast rule regarding this timeline, so to be certain, have your water tested to know when is an optimal time to replace your water filters.