The Five Benefits of Using Softened and Purified Water in Ohio Restaurants

The water you use in your Central Ohio restaurant can make all the difference. While you may be keeping up with health codes, there’s a good chance that the water you’re using contains elements that cause your food, drinks and facilities to be less than perfect. Fortunately, this can be easily taken care of when implementing a commercial softening and purification system that regularly filters out unwanted contaminants in water. Below are some of the many benefits that your Ohio restaurant can reap when taking the extra step to ensure your water is fully softened and purified.

  • Cleaner Equipment – Hard water creates a darker appearance for cooking equipment as more of its minerals dry on surfaces over time. What’s more is that mineral scaling on equipment creates more opportunities for bacteria to spread. This not only can create a health hazard, but also can cause your equipment to work less efficiently.   With purified water, these risks and slowdowns in production can be avoided while saving energy in your machinery.
  • Improved Taste – This is especially evident when using water for drinking, or when using it in other drinks such as coffee, tea, lemonade or mixed drinks. Dried or dissolved minerals cause unpleasant tastes in mixed drinks while causing the ingredients to combine incompletely. Water that has been purified is clear and contains absolutely no discernible tastes, allowing your drinks and recipes to be free of any tastes or odors that are unintended, creating a more savory experience for customers.
  • Cost Effective – Because the extra minerals in your water can cause scaling in your boiling system, this can increase the time it takes to fully heat it. This, in turn, ends up using more gas to fully heat it, adding unnecessary costs to your gas and heating bills. With water that is consistently regenerated and softened, you can steer clear of these additional costs and have your water at the right temperature faster.
  • Easier to Cook – Many food dishes rely on the heat of the water it’s cooked in to bring out unique flavors in the ingredients you use. Cooking with water that contains various minerals and compounds like chlorine or iron tends to weaken the overall taste of a dish. In addition, the tastes that come through instead can sometimes create dissatisfaction for customers. Using the proper water softeners and filters for your business’ water will guarantee that the flavor of your meals is at its strongest when you cook.
  • Cleaner Aroma – Another complaint that is heard from time to time in restaurants is with regards to smell. If you’ve received any such complaints, this could be linked to what you use to clean your facilities, or more specifically, the water that’s used. Excess sulfide or chlorine in your tap water can cause unpleasant odors. Filtering out these pathogens makes it easier for the soap and detergents you use to be more effective.

With water that is thoroughly filtered and purified, your Central Ohio restaurant’s food and facilities will remain in top condition.  From taste to overall cleanliness, everything about your food service business can show positive results when treated with the correct purification system and rid of unwanted pathogens.