What is Reverse Osmosis?

What is Reverse Osmosis? Reverse Osmosis (RO) is a water purification technology that removes ions, molecules and larger particles from drinking water through the use of a semipermeable membrane. The pressure from your water connection forces water through the semipermeable membrane and into the system. Common impurities removed by reverse osmosis filters include: fluoride, lead, […]

4 Reasons Why Any Business Can Benefit from a Commercial Water Treatment System

Here at Flag City Water, we offer a variety of products to purify and soften your water, and when your business decides to invest in a commercial water system, there will be a variety of undeniable benefits. A Commercial Water Treatment Saves You Money and Time Buying water bottles and/or jugs will get costly. When […]

The 5 Most Common Hard Water Complaints in Central Ohio

The 5 Most Common Hard Water Complaints in Central Ohio Hard water is something that no Central Ohio home or business owner wants to have. While it isn’t necessarily dangerous to one’s health, the effects of hard water can cause many problems that inconvenience us in a variety of ways. While there are dozens of […]

5 Benefits of Using Purified Water in Restaurants in Ohio

The Five Benefits of Using Softened and Purified Water in Ohio Restaurants The water you use in your Central Ohio restaurant can make all the difference. While you may be keeping up with health codes, there’s a good chance that the water you’re using contains elements that cause your food, drinks and facilities to be […]

How To Remove Hard Water Stains in Northwest Ohio

How To Remove Hard Water Stains in Northwest Ohio Are you noticing unsightly buildup in your bathtub? Do you see scale on your dishes and windows? You likely are witnessing the effects of your hard water on your Ohio home. Left untreated, your hard water can trigger costly damage to your home’s plumbing system. The […]

Finding the Right Replacement Water Filter

Finding the Right Replacement Water Filter Every home or business has different needs when it comes to their water purification and filtration system. Some businesses may have a reverse osmosis water treatment solution and some homes may have a whole house water softener system that uses post filter cartridges. Whatever your needs for a water […]

Whole House Surface Water Treatment

Surface Water Treatment for Your Whole House The water you use each and every day is one of the most important resources for your home and family. Not all homes have the same source for the water they cook, bathe, and wash with. Living in a rural area may mean your water is not supplied […]