Bottle Water Vending Machines

Flag City Water Systems offers the highest quality Water Vending equipment.  We can provide professional services related to the planning, design, construction and installation of Vending Units and the water treatment before the vending machine.  Our vending units are supplied to various businesses such as water stores, health food stores, carwashes, grocery stores, and other markets.  We have worked with many bottled water producers to design and supply the proper water treatment and vending units to meet their exact requirements.  We have installed systems throughout the United States and Canada that are providing quality water and vending units to meet our customer’s needs.

We have several models of vending units to choose from.  Some are free standing with self contained purification.  Others are window vending units with the purification not inside the unit.  We also have a dual dispenser series that offers two vend units built into one cabinet.  All units come with a single cartridge carbon filter and ultraviolet light inside the unit as final filtration.

Full Size Water Vending Unit

Our Model 1840 is a free standing self contained unit including sediment, carbon, reverse osmosis filtration, storage tank, post carbon filter, and a final step of ultraviolet light. Our models include either non-coin operated or coin operated for
outside locations.

full-size Fresh Water vending machine Options

  • Debit Card Reader
  • Security systems
  • Dollar Bill Changer
  • Private label front panels
  • Purified water option(DI water)
  • Electrical power conversions
  • Auxiliary water kit


  • 74 inches tall
  • 36 inches deep
  • 28 inches wide
  • 610 pounds shipping weight

4 Selection 200 Series

Window Vending Unit

24 hour vending station to build into your retail store, carwash, water store, water kiosk.

blue Fresh Water vending machine Features:

  • 4 selection buttons
  • Solid state controller board
  • LED read-out
  • Pause button
  • Metered vending for accurate measurement
  • MDB coin mechanism
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Large stainless steel fill area (insulated coolers)
  • Post carbon filter
  • UV temperature flush
  • 5 GPM UV light


  • Dollar Bill Validator
  • Debit Card Reader
  • Cash accountability meter
  • International coin mechanism
  • Foreign power conversion


  • 35 inches Tall
  • 20 inches deep
  • 28 inches wide
  • 190 pounds shipping weight

BW-100 4-Select

Full Size Water Vending Unit

Full size free standing cabinet used as a dispenser only. Comes with coin mechanism or without. Standard with 10 inch post carbon filter and 5 gpm ultraviolet light.

fullsize Fresh Water vending machine Options

  • Dollar Bill Changer
  • Debit Card Reader
  • Security Systems
  • Private Label Graphics
  • Electrical Power conversions


  • 74 inches tall
  • 36 inches deep
  • 28 inches wide
  • 520 pounds shipping weight

Dual Dispense Series 1840-Dual Bulk Water

Water Dispensing-Dual Dispense

Free standing unit with 2 vend stations built into 1 cabinet. Comes complete with purification inside cabinet as a RO unit or comes as a bulk water dispenser with a 10 inch carbon filter and 5 gpm ultraviolet light.

white dual-dispense water vending machine

  • Dual Dispenser
  • Accommodates 1 through 5 gallon containers
  • Automatic shut off on internal leak
  • Low pressure shut off
  • Preset volumes 1 & 5 gallon-adjustable
  • Automatic shut off on UV failure
  • Removable drain tank for ease of service
  • Small cabinet size
  • Ease of component access and repair
  • 5 gallon per minute ultraviolet light


  • All Stainless Steel design
  • Auxiliary water meter
  • Auxiliary water port


  • 74 inches tall
  • 26 inches deep
  • 48 inches wide