Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled water coolers combine contemporary styling with the most advanced technology on the market today. The square bottled water coolers unites superior cooling with styling that accommodates any decor. The patented probe and sleeve cooling system chills the water from the center of the reservoir for more efficient cooling.

Features and Benefits

Superior cooling technology

The unique, patented probe and sleeve cooling system chills the water from the inside out, reducing the potential for condensation that can rust and damage parts.

Fast, simple reservoir replacement

The reservoir and cooling probe can be easily cleaned on site because the entire reservoir lifts out quickly for replacement with a pre-sanitized reservoir. The reservoir can be removed and cleaned by the customer, reducing the frequency of field calls for cleaning. Reinstallation of the reservoir requires no sub-assembly

Quick cabinet removal for convenient service

The one-piece blow molded cabinet is designed to allow easy access to internal components. All components are manufactured to exacting standards and meet FDA requirements.

Easy removal of faucets

Durable polypropylene faucets can be removed quickly, providing access to all waterways. Faucets are self-closing, non-sweating, and easy to operate.

Simplified baffle installation

Once the reservoir is removed, changing the baffle can be accomplished quickly without the need for tools.

Quick reservoir draining

No water remains in the reservoir during removal.

Quick pull down

Allows cold cup draws within 20 minutes after setup.