Bottled Water Service

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At Flag City Water Systems, we work hard to provide both our business and our residential customers with the highest quality water and drinking water systems on the market today. We now have three different types of bottled water services to meet the growing and changing needs of today’s businesses.

Bottled Water Coolers

Bottled water coolers combine contemporary styling with the most advanced technology on the market today. The square bottled water coolers unites superior cooling with styling that accommodates any decor. The patented probe and sleeve cooling system chills the water from the center of the reservoir for more efficient cooling.

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Magnetic Springs Bottled Water

Flag City Water Systems is proud to carry one of America’s most repeated brands of bottled water, Magnetic Springs Bottled Water. At Flag City Water Systems, not only do we offer spring water, there is also reverse osmosis water and distilled water, all in five-gallon bottles.

We provide delivery service to all of our surrounding areas in northwest Ohio. We deliver bottled water, chlorine, filters, Dura Cube softener salt, hydrogen peroxide and many other miscellaneous items. Our delivery drivers can leave the products at your door. Call 419-423-8082 for more information or to get set up on the Flag City Water Systems delivery route!

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Comparing Drinking Water Treatment Technologies

Bottle Water Treatment – Pristine Springs

Bottle water treatment plant designed, constructed, and installed by Flag City Water Systems.

10 gallon per minute, filtration, ultraviolet disinfection, and ozonation.

water treatment system water filter system