Cactus Systems

Cactus™ systems, introduced in 2010, are engineered and priced for residential use. We’ve kept the core features of patented Crossfire Technology like easy lamp replacement and visual quartz sleeve inspection. Now, homeowners have the advantage of UV Pure’s Crossfire Technology used in commercial, industrial and municipal applications.

We’ve kept patented Crossfire Technology’s core features like EASY LAMP CHANGES, VISUAL QUARTZ INSPECTION and UV dose of 40mJ/cm2, the same as NSF/ANSI 55 Class A protocols, but SIMPLIFIED it, AND priced it competitively with ordinary UV systems.

Now, world-leading UV Pure technology comes home… with simple, robust CACTUS™ models priced for residential and light commercial use!

The most effective water purification

  • Engineered to reduce e-coli, bacteria, cysts like cryptosporidium and giardia, legionella and most viruses to safe levels
  • “Lamp On” indicator that lamps are energized
  • Laboratory validated for a minimum UV dose of 40 mJ/cm2 at 85% UVT*, at the end of lamp life and at specified flow rate
  • Air cooled lamps and standard Anti-Fouling System means wider effective temperature range and minimized quartz fouling
  • Elliptical reflectors eliminate UV shadowing and significantly increase effectiveness

Quick and easy lamp changes – once per year

  • Front-loading carriage means lamp changes are simple and take just a minute
  • No need to drain, disassemble or remove the system from its mounting to change lamps

Visual quartz inspection is easy and takes seconds

  • Fold down the front carriage and the entire quartz water chamber is visible
  • No draining or disassembly to check quartz fouling
  • Clean in place procedure means no draining, disassembly, or mess if the quartz ever needs cleaning

Robust, proven ballast for long life and care free performance

  • Proven successful in an eight-year field history of demanding municipal, industrial and commercial applications

Easy installation

  • User friendly – everything needed is in the box
  • 1″ male NPT 316 stainless steel connections
  • Mounts vertically; wall mounting template included
  • Lightweight, with a small footprint and compact size
  • No extra space required for lamp removal or service
  • Optional 1″ 304 Stainless Steel flexible hoses available

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Download the Cactus systems specification sheet.