Case Studies: Home & Commercial Water Treatment Systems

Residential Client: Hershey Family in Northwest Ohio

Client Challenge: The Hershey family was concerned with making sure that they were getting purified drinking water into their home that was also from a natural source. The Hershey’s needed WQA certified experts who could handle every part of their system’s set up without needing to rely on a pre-existing water source, since there was none.

residential water treatment system.Flag City Solution:  We’ve been providing top-of-the-line pure water drinking systems since 1979, so the Hershey’s concerns were well within our capabilities to handle. We supervised all parts of their residential water system installation, beginning with drilling the well that would provide them with a natural water source. We then supplied and installed the water supply system and including a Kinetico home water softening system. The Hershey family now has clean, pure water for washing, drinking, laundry and all other common household water usage.

Commercial Client: Cooper Farms – Van Wert, OH

Client Challenge: Cooper Farms was started by Virgil Cooper in Van Wert, OH. At first, Cooper Farms was raising around 500 meat turkeys, mainly for the holidays. Now, nearly 80 years later, Cooper Farms hatches around 4 million poults (baby turkeys) a year and has become one of the largest turkey farms in the country. They needed a new system that could efficiently provide high-quality water for their livestock from a nearby surface water source.

Commercial Water Treatment SystemFlag City Solution: Flag City has the experience and expertise to develop an efficient and adequate water source for a business of this size. Cooper called Flag City because they knew that no other water treatment company in northwest Ohio would be able to provide what they needed on time and on budget. We installed a 20 gallon per minute system that utilized filtration and UV disinfection techniques. Cooper Farm’s new system ensures that they will be raising quality livestock for years to come.

Commercial Client: Kuehnert Dairy Farms – Fort Wayne, IN

Commercial Water Purification SystemClient Challenge: Kuenhert Dairy Farm is a sixth-generation farm established in the 1890s that breeds strong, highly productive cattle. They rely on their 200+ adult cattle to produce an average of 96 pounds of milk per day and to remain healthy and profitable for as long as possible. They were experiencing high levels of iron in their water, which interfered with the cattle’s water intake.

Flag City Solution: For over 35 years, Flag City has been helping homes and business obtain a steady flow of highly purified water through a variety of methods. We knew that Kuehnert would need to use the latest water treatment equipment available to treat their water system and achieve their desired level of production. We were able to remove the iron from their water supply, which lead to cleaner equipment, less maintenance and, most importantly, more milk production.

Commercial Client: Sonoco Protective Solutions – Findlay, OH

Industrial Water Treatment for Manufacturing.Client Challenge: Sonoco’s operations consist of global consumer packaging, retail display and packaging, packing supply chain management as well as being one of the world’s largest recyclers. As a $5 billion global provider of these services, Sonoco needed pure, soft water for their manufacturing process. They called looking for a company that could install a high-quality soft water system without the need to interrupt production.

Flag City Solution: When you install as many commercial water treatment systems as we do, working within tight constraints and time limits is a non-issue. We always make it a point to work on budget, complete the job on-time and with as little downtime as possible, if any at all. The Kinetico industrial water softening system we installed feeds pure water into the boilers that produce the steam for the presses in the manufacturing process. Now that they have a steady supply of ultra-pure water, Sonoco’s presses are humming at peak efficiency.