Commercial Water Softening Systems

When your business requires commercial strength water softening systems, call upon Flag City Water to provide you with cost efficient and successful water treatment solutions. Whether your commercial applications revolve around the cleaning, healthcare, or hospitality industries, Flag City Water offers elegant yet practical solutions for all your soft water needs. Until you have witnessed the efficiency of our water softening systems, you have yet to realize how the benefits visibly pay for themselves.

Water Softening Systems that Fit Your Needs

At Flag City Water, we are able to assist with your water softener job specifications, submittals, drawing, and sizing equipment to leave you with a system designed exclusively for you. We are an authorized dealer of Kinetico water softeners, a global leader in commercial water treatment systems. Not only do Kinetico brand water softeners include industry-leading warranties, they are extremely reliable, unsusceptible to power outages or surges. Most importantly, they offer unsurpassed economic benefit; Kinetico Water Softeners last longer and use less salt during their lifetime. Kinetico water softeners also last long and enhance the lifetimes of your plumbing and water-using appliances. Lower quantities of soaps and detergents are needed to maintain existing levels of cleanliness, saving you money, and are more easily washed away. Examples of commercial water softening products we offer from Kinetico include:

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After determining the benefits of our Kinetico brand water softener systems are right for your business, we can provide you with a detailed plan for you and your water softening needs. Fill out our Quick Quote form to receive your free quote on one our Kinetico brand water softening Systems or call us at (419)-423-8082 to talk with our knowledgeable sales staff today!