Water Filtration Systems

Flag City Water Systems filtration systems employ industry-leading technology to deliver high-performance and cost effective water systems that can help you keep pace with changing guidelines while providing only the best water for you.

Kinetico Hydrus Filter

Flag City employs the Kinetico Hydrus filter system. The hydrus filter is a modular system that provides high-flow filtration in single, duplex or triplex configurations. High-flow filtration (up to 400 gpm), powered by Kinetico’s breakthrough lightweight 2″multiport Hydrus valve.

Learn more about the Kinetico Hydrus filter system.

Kinetico PowerLine series

We also use the PowerLine series by Kinetico. The PowerLine Series of softeners provides high flow softening in single, duplex or triplex configurations. When configured with multiple tanks, an integral programmable logic controller is used to operate valve functions.  Flow configurations can supply soft water with flow rates up to 660 gpm.

Learn more about the Kinetico PowerLine series.

Kinetico Commercial Filter

The Kinectico commercial filter is a twin tank system that allows for the continuous flow of treated water in critical applications. Dual media tanks operate in overdrive, optimizing contact time and maximizing flow rate.

Learn more about the Kinetico commercial filter.

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