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Dissolved minerals impact the way your food and beverages taste. Pure water is colorless, odorless and tasteless. Taste in water is most commonly caused by chlorine compounds and dissolved minerals such as iron, manganese and mineral hardness. You have several choices to improve taste: a Kinetico water softener, filtration system or reverse
osmosis system.

Taste and odor complaints from chlorine are common. Although chlorine is effective at reducing water borne pathogens, once it enters your business it is no longer required and is often the source of taste complaints concerning drinking water, coffee, tea and other mixed beverages. A Kinetico carbon filter will easily eliminate this threat to customer satisfaction.


Odor is most often attributed to chlorine and hydrogen sulfide, the “rotten egg” odor. Kinetico’s carbon filtration will remove chlorine and Kinetico’s Sulfur Guard will eliminate the rotten egg smell coming from the taps.

Water is costing you more than you think

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Mineral hardness forms scale in your water heater; these mineral deposits reduce the heating efficiency of your equipment costing you more money to heat the water. A 1/8” thick layer of scale in your water heater will result in an 18 percent reduction in boiler efficiency, costing you more in energy to heat each gallon of water. To eliminate scaling in your hot water system, soften the water going to your hot water heaters with a Kinetico water softener.

A Kinetico water softener is the most efficient softener available on the market, so you’ll save money on salt and water used for regenerations. The non-electric, twintank, volumetric regeneration ensures maximum run time between regenerations and eliminates the excess waste generated by older, single tank softener designs.

Equipment Maintenance

Dishwashers and coffee makers scale quickly when used with hard water causing reduced efficiency, shorter equipment life and increased maintenance. Hot water fixtures, dishwashers and washroom equipment will build up with mineral scale which makes cleaning difficult and increases the potential for bacterial growth. A water softener can even eliminate scaling in a old dishwasher and extend its life. Kinetico offers the smallest water softener available also for installation in existing bars and kitchens without taking up valuable floor space.


Cleanup of bathrooms, kitchens and equipment is a snap when water quality is improved with a water softener. By eliminating scaling, clean up time and frequency are reduced, saving manpower and chemicals.

Flatware & glasses

Spotty flatware and glasses are the number one complaint of patrons to retail food purveyors. Eliminate these complaints by getting rid of soap scum and spots caused by hard water. Water softening will reduce soap use more than 50 percent, and reduce the need to hand towel flatware and glasses.

Visual Appeal

Customers are concerned when washroom fixtures are stained with dark mineral deposits. It gives the impression that the facility is not clean or well kept when in fact it may be. By treating the water coming into the facility, you can present a clean and well kept establishment while reducing maintenance, cleaning and fixture replacement costs.

Quality Water For Food Preparation

Coffee & Tea

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Water mineral content is responsible for changing or “masking” what would otherwise be a great cup of coffee. Most quality coffee purveyors know that reverse osmosis (RO) water is the only way to bring through the true taste of quality coffee and tea. Kinetico’s TQ RO systems will fit conveniently under a counter to provide pure, clean water to enhance the flavor of your
coffee and tea.

Post Mix & Concentrate Beverages

Chlorine and minerals are responsible for the majority of taste complaints associated with water, post-mix and concentrate beverages. Using purified RO water will dramatically improve the taste of your service beverages. Also, the amount of syrup used (Brix number) can be reduced by using RO water, for additional savings.


Mineral deposition in ice makers is the number one cause of equipment failure. Minerals in the ice are what cause the ice to look cloudy, make the ice mushy and will cause “snow” in the glass as the ice dissolves. Water softening will eliminate this mineral flaking when ice melts. Reverse osmosis will eliminate all mineral content resulting in cleaner, harder ice that is not cloudy. Your ice machine will run more smoothly, and routine cleaning will be virtually eliminated.


When water is the main ingredient in your product, water quality is of paramount importance. All large breweries treat their water to eliminate taste concerns, and so can you. The use of Kinetico’s water treatment solutions will improve the quality of beer and wines.

Our Services

We work in the food service industry providing our customers with clean, odorless water. Our water makes for better tasting food after we remove the impurities and odors. Our food service quality water makes equipment easier to maintain since there is no hard mineral deposits. Your kitchen equipment such as coffee makers and dishwashers will be scale free after we treat your water. By eliminating scaling, clean up time and frequency are reduced, saving manpower and chemicals.

Our water treatments will make your: microbrew taste better, your flatware cleaner, ice clear and your beverages taste better.

We can design public water systems to EPA standards, like our Lima, Ohio facility.

We can design a facility to make clean bottled water. Our treatment facilities can operate at 10 gallon per minute, with filtration, ultraviolet disinfection, and ozonation.

Our water treatment can make assisted living and hotels better. We can remove deposits to make heating water for assisted living facilities and hotels and resorts easier. Our water softeners can double the life of linens by removing scale build-up. A water softener can even eliminate scaling in an old dishwasher and extend its life. Scale build up in water and steam boilers is the number one cause of equipment failure. A Kinetico softener will eliminate the potential for failure and stop the routine cleaning of the hot water systems and washing machines.

Flag City Water Systems offers the highest quality Water Vending equipment.  We can provide professional services related to the planning, design, construction and installation of Vending Units and the water treatment before the vending machine.  Our vending units are supplied to various businesses such as water stores, health food stores, carwashes, grocery stores, and other markets.

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