Hard Water and Soft Water FAQ

Water softening systems soften hard water, which is high in minerals and causes a variety of problems. Soft water eliminates these problems and has many additional benefits.

What is hard water?

Hard water is water that contains a high concentration of certain naturally occurring minerals, particularly calcium and magnesium.

What are the effects of hard water?

The minerals in hard water are deposited on surfaces that the water comes into contact with. This means that pipes and plumbing may eventually clog and water-using appliances become burdened with mineral build up. Additionally, spots on sinks, dishes and glassware are the result of hard water.

Hard water also creates soap scum, and it doesn’t wash away soaps and detergents as effectively as soft water does. This results in a soap residue being left behind and renders the soaps and detergents less effective.

What is softened water?

Softened water has had the calcium and magnesium ions removed from it and has had them replaced with sodium ions, which have none of the harmful effects of the hard water minerals.

How a water softener works

A water softener passes hard water through a bed of ion exchange resin that is loaded with sodium ions. As the water passes through, the ions are exchanged—hard water ions are transferred to the resin bed, releasing the sodium ions into the water.

After the resin bed is loaded with hard water ions, it must be regenerated to restore the sodium ions so that it can continue to soften water.

What are the benefits of soft water?

Plumbing and water-using appliances last longer, and the appliances are more effective during their lifetime. There are no mineral deposits on sinks, dishes and glassware. Soaps and detergents are more effective, meaning you use less of them, and they are more thoroughly washed away. Clothing lasts longer. Soft water doesn’t dry out skin and hair like hard water does.

In short, soft water is more effective, more convenient, and it saves you money.

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