Industrial Water Filtration

Flag City Water Systems filtration systems employ industry-leading technology to deliver high-performance and cost-effective water systems that can help you keep pace with changing guidelines and provide the highest quality water for your industrial facility. Our 35+ years of experience means we have the knowledge and ability to craft and install the optimal water filtration system to satisfy your industrial water treatment needs. Flag City Water is an authorized Kinetico water systems provider and can professionally install and service your equipment anywhere in the Midwest. Your industrial water filtration needs will be expertly performed by our hard-working service and sales staff and you won’t be sold equipment that isn’t necessary. We stand by our outstanding reputation of excellence in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. 

 A factory industrial water filter outdoors

Industrial Water Filtration Systems in Ohio

At Flag City water, we understand that each industrial facility has a unique and specific need when it comes to their water filtration system needs. Northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan have been known for manufacturing for a long time and Flag City Water have been crafting high quality commercial water treatment solutions for industrial facilities in the area for decades. Your commercial or industrial facility may need to utilize a combination of filtration and softening to achieve the quality of water your industry demands of your facility. We install and service Kinetico Deionization systems, Kinetico Hydrus systems, Kinetico Powerline systems, reverse osmosis systems, ultrafiltration systems, and water softening and filtration anywhere in the Midwest. Some of the industries that we frequently craft water filtration solutions for range from laboratory setting, to beverage manufacturing, and even various medical applications. Whether your water filtration needs are industry specific or specific to the region’s unique water supply characteristics, Flag City water has a solution that is of professional quality and is reasonably priced.

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Kinetico Hydrus Series Filtration

Flag City employs the Kinetico Hydrus filter system which features a non-electric valve, multiple filtration options, and an advanced operator interface, and comes in a single or multiple tank system. The Hydrus filter is a modular system that provides high-flow filtration in single, duplex or triplex configurations. This High-flow filtration (up to 400 gpm) unit is suited for large volume applications, is of environmentally responsible design, and is powered by Kinetico’s breakthrough lightweight 2″ multiport Hydrus valve. The Kinetico Hydrus Series filtration system utilizes treated water during the backwash process instead of hard or very softened water similar to competitor models. This industrial water filtration system removes chlorine, odors, unwanted particles as finite as five microns, iron and other undesired particles from your industrial water supply.

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Kinetico PowerLine series

Flag City is a proud supplier of the budget friendly PowerLine series by Kinetico water systems. The PowerLine Series of softeners provides high flow softening in single, duplex or triplex configurations. This efficient and effective water softening system features a 12-day timer that allows the user to control the regeneration times of their unit. Some key benefits of using this water filtration system are:

  • Minimal maintenance
  • Energy efficiency
  • Unit requires only a small amount of space
  • Ideal of industries with predictable water usage

When configured with multiple tanks, an integral programmable logic controller is used to operate valve functions. Flow configurations can supply soft water with flow rates of up to 300 gpm. The Kinetico PowerLine series filters your water and delivers pure water by eliminating iron, chlorine, and other particles.