Flag City Water Systems uses Kinetico Water Softeners

twin tank Kinetico softener systemsOnly Kinetico Water Softeners combine all of the following features:

  • Non-Electric Operation
    Kinetico Water Softeners function without using electricity, instead using the force of moving water to automatically switch from cycle to cycle. Kinetico water systems are not susceptible to power outages or surges. And there are no expensive electric timers or microprocessors to repair or replace.
  • Twin Tank Design
    Two softening tanks provide softened water to your home 24 hours a day, even during regeneration. When one tank is exhausted, the other is activated to continue softening your water. The exhausted tank is cleaned with the softened water produced by the on-line tank for optimum results.
  • Metered, Demand Regeneration
    Kinetico water systems measure your water use and regenerate only when necessary to save money and conserve water. Because other water softening systems on the market have only have one softening tank, they cannot clean themselves and continue to soften your water at the same time, making them less efficient and more
    expensive to operate.
  • Countercurrent Regeneration
    A Kinetico Water Softener cleans itself more efficiently by reversing the flow of water through the system during regeneration. Trapped contaminants are easier to remove and are flushed from the system to prepare it for service.
  • High Efficiency Systems
    A complete line of high efficiency Kinetico Water Softeners is also available. Kinetico’s high efficiency systems are designed for hard water that does not contain other troublesome elements like iron or manganese, and are extremely frugal with water and regenerant use.

Kinetico water softeners are tested and certified by NSF International, an independent testing organization to perform as claimed. They are also validated by the Water Quality Association. Look for the NSF and WQA seals on our products and packaging. They guarantee you’re getting the quality and performance you deserve from your water softening system.

Advantages of a Kinetico Water Softener

Flag City Water Systems has Kinetico 2020c Compact Water Softener

compact water softener diagram

Make your life easier with soft water from Flag City Water Systems.

Flag City Water Systems is proud to introduce the latest innovation from Kinetico: the 2020c compact water softener. It is small in size but huge in performance. Some of the features of the 2020c compact water softener include:

  • Comes in an attractive compact unit that fits conveniently just about anywhere
  • Non-electric; nothing to plug in, no buttons to push; no timers to set, no adjustments to make and no increase in your electricity bill
  • Features twin tanks that provide a 24-hour continuous supply of soft water
  • Extremely efficient, saving both salt and water
  • Softens all the water in your home and provides the high flow rates required by today’s demanding households

Water Softeners: Single Tank Electric vs. Multi Tank Non-Electric

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