Kinetico Commercial Plus Series

Kinetico understands your company’s water treatment needs. We deliver the quality you expect with a variety of standard features and a selection of options for your specific application.

CP Series Commercial Water Softening

The CP Series water softener is ideal when expectations for both performance and efficiency are high and can’t be compromised. The Kinetico Mach Series control valve allows larger, commercial applications to enjoy the same benefits normally reserved for smaller installations.

CP Series features

Automatic, non-electric operation Overdrive® or alternating service flow configuration Metered, demand operated Variable meter ranges Soft water, countercurrent regeneration Maximum hardness reduction Efficient, low cost operation Corrosion-resistant

KINETICO’S Exclusive Mach® Series Non-Electric Control Valve

Kinetico’s patented Mach Series control valve eliminates the need to adjust, set, repair or replace timers, computers or electrical components. The Mach Series control valve simultaneously manages two media tanks through service and regeneration cycles. Water pressure runs the system. As water passes through the control valve, a water turbine meters the amount of water processed by the system. The valve automatically initiates a regeneration after the predetermined amount of water has been treated. Since the system is comprised of two media tanks, soft water can be used for the complete regeneration process which substantially improves the system’s efficiency and the product water quality.


black water softener duplex with directional arrowsVarious Product Sizes provide nine to 110 gpm (34-416 lpm) of soft water.

Non-Electric Mach Series Control Valve uses hydraulic water pressure to automatically control all service modes and regeneration cycles.

Quick Connect Adapters allow for easy installation to .75”, 1”, 1.25” and 1.5” plumbing.

Twin Tank System provides an uninterrupted supply of clean, soft water that is also used to make brine for regeneration. Soft water regeneration uses less water than raw water regeneration.

Countercurrent Regeneration improves water quality by cleaning the system more effectively and efficiently.

High Quality Resin maintains long life and high capacity to assure quality water.

Overdrive® operation provides maximum flow performance. Overdrive engages both media tanks in service simultaneously. A standard control disc for alternating tank service is also available. Switching between alternating and overdrive modes is simple and adjustable in the field.

Corrosion-Resistant Valve and Tanks withstand the harshest environments.


black water cylinder duplex and tankModular Design allows your system to grow as your water demand increases.

Central Brining System supplies brine regenerant for multi-unit configurations.

Remote Start functionality uses an external signal to initiate regenerations.

Adjustable Meter Range is created by interchangeable flow nozzles. Metering capability as low as 0.05 gpm and as high as 50 gpm (.19 – 190 lpm).


Carbon Filtration removes chlorine to extend resin life and improve product water quality.

Sediment Filtration improves feed water quality by removing solids.

Reverse Osmosis improves product water