Kinetico Hydrus Filter

Tank Configurations

Simplex—Uses raw water to backwash, and raw water is available during backwash. This configuration is the most economical to purchase and the most space efficient. It is best suited for processes that do not run in the very early morning hours so the system can backwash without affecting the process.

Duplex, Triplex & Multi-Tank—Use filtered water to backwash. Multi-tank designs are ideal for high flow rates and where treated water must be available at all times under all circumstances. Backwashing with treated water improves the quality of the backwash process resulting in better water quality coming from
the filter.

Macrolite FIltration

Experience the Kinetico Difference Kinetico has rewritten the rules of filtration with Macrolite. The granular, ceramic media has characteristics that provide the best filtration performance at high filtration rates. Until now, all industrial water filters relied on aggregates like sand and athracite to perform adequate filtration. Why settle for adequate when you can have superior filtration? Kinetico’s Macrolite filtration media is a dynamic solution that will improve your water quality, lower operating costs and reduce waste discharge volumes.

Smooth medias don’t “hold” dirt; they just sieve the big “chunks.” Macrolite has 100 times the surface area compared to sand, so it can remove more turbidity, hold solids longer and produce better water. The increased surface area means more particle removal at very low micron levels.

Macrolite’s lower media weight reduces backwash flow rates for 100 percent bed expansion at a flow rate that is 2/3 or less than other types of filters.

Carbon Filtration (dechlorination, organic, taste and odor removal) – Kinetico uses the highest quality, acid washed, granular activated carbon. Standard carbon selections are for dechlorination at high flow rates; organic removal sizing is based on local water chemistry.

Calcite Filtration (increase pH) – For water with low pH, calcite is used to raise the pH. Water passes through the bed and slowly dissolves the media adding calcium and carbonate alkalinity. Water with a negative Langlier Saturation Index (LSI) will be increased to a positive value.

Hydrus: The Right Choice

Kinetico’s Hydrus valve is the right multi-port valve for your filtration applications. Hydrus is the only valve capable of offering treated or filtered water backwash to enhance the cleaning process. Enhanced cleaning results in longer filter runs, improved water quality and longer media life. The nonmetallic valve is non-corrosive and designed to withstand even the most harsh environments. Filter backwash can be initiated by elapsed time, amount of water processed or by pressure differential. Ask your representative for more information.