Kinetico Hydrus

The Hydrus water softener is the only multi-port system to use countercurrent, soft water regeneration right out of the box. This proven and trusted method of operation results in up to a 40 percent reduction in salt use when compared to other units. In addition, waste water volumes are reduced by as much as 30 percent, making Hydrus a more environmentally responsible water treatment product than others.

Water quality from a Hydrus water softener is significantly better than the water quality from traditional co-current or hard water regenerating systems. With a Hydrus system, hardness leakage will be reduced by as much as 95 percent.

Single-Tank Configuration

Simplex— Uses raw water to regenerate. This configuration is the most economical to purchase and the most space efficient; however, operational costs and waste production are not the lowest. Additionally, it does not offer the highest water quality.

Multi-Tank Configurations

Duplex— Uses soft water to regenerate. This design is suited for intermittent higher flow designs needed by laundry, hotel, motel and large food preparation facilities. Duplex flow rates range between 8 gpm and
200 gpm.

Triplex—Uses soft water to regenerate. This configuration is ideal for continuous high flow rate applications where water quality and regeneration efficiency are vital like in chlorine production, batch filling operations, boiler feed and other critical applications. The triplex design effectively regenerates one tank at a time with only a slight pressure drop. Triplex system flow rates range between 12 gpm and 300 gpm.

Multi-Tank— Uses soft water to regenerate. This configuration ensures high flow rates with almost no detectable pressure drop during regeneration. The design offers high salt efficiency and the softest water possible. Multi-tank design flow rates range between 16 and 400 gpm.

Countercurrent Regeneration

Experience the Kinetico difference. Until now, all industrial water softeners have been the same; they use large amounts of salt to regenerate and simultaneously allow some hard water to leak into service. Kinetico’s Hydrus water softeners are different. For more than 30 years, Kinetico has designed and built the most cost-effective softeners that provide the best water quality possible.