Kinetico KDI Series

Kinetico Deionization Systems

Flag City Water Systems will combine the goals of your water treatment program with the findings of the water analysis to produce a system design to reach your goals.  This system design will utilize the best methods of water purification available today.

Kinetico’s line of KDI deionization systems achieves the design specifications and efficiencies of many of today’s demanding applications.  High water quality with minimum capital investment is the forte of this system.  Consistency of flow, quality and the ability to supply a twenty four hour operation are also hallmarks of this system.

KDI Series Features:

  • High quality deionized water
  • Fully automatic operation
  • Simple instrumentation, easy operating procedures
  • Superior chemical efficiency
  • Minimal regeneration volume
  • Corrosion resistant components
  • Minimal installation requirements

Kinetico’s Patented Feed Forward Design

With the feed forward option, system regenerations can take place just before exhaustion. A flow sensor and conductivity monitor provide all the data required to maximize resin capacity while ensuring superior water quality. This feature coupled with the duplex nature of the Kinetico system results in your best value in automatic deionizers.


  • Various Product Sizes provide from two to 30 gallons (eight to 115) of high quality deionized water per minute.
  • Automatic System Operation minimizes operator maintenance and hands-on adjustments.
  • Ergonomic Design places status lamps, pressure gauges, samples taps and isolation valves in a central location for easy operator interface.
  • Space-Saving Design uses skid-mounted components to minimize space requirements.
  • Modular Design allows easy system expansion by adding another DI module.
  • Countercurrent Regeneration maximizes chemical efficiency and product quality while minimizing regeneration costs.
  • Automatic Purge assures only high purity water will be provided to your operation.
  • Chemical Monitor automatically shuts system down if chemical supply is not sufficient.


  • Multiple System Configurations provide product water qualifies from 50,000 ohm/cm to 10,000,000 ohm/cm.
  • Various Automation Levels match product designs to your needs.
  • Volumetric Meter Design initiates a regeneration after a preset amount of water has been processed.
  • Feed Forward Design optimizes system performance.
  • Feed Back Design initiates a regeneration once product water falls below a predetermined quality.
  • Various Power Configurations accommodate international installations.
  • Digital Quality Monitor measures temperature compensated resistivity of process water quality.


  • Carbon Filtration removes chlorine to improve product water quality.
  • Storage and Repressurization Systems provide a constant deionized water supply and pressure.
  • Neutralization System automatically neutralizes regeneration solution to meet typical discharge requirements.
  • Chemical Fume Suppression System filters acid fumes to improve environmental conditions surrounding acid storage.