Kinetico Para-Flo Filters

Para-Flo Backwashing Filters provide solutions for a number of water treatment problems.  Water is filtered or treated by being passed through different media.  Periodic backwashing eliminates accumulated suspended matter, removes precipitates and regrades the filter bed.

Para-Flo Backwashing Filter Media

Flag City Para-Flo Backwashing Filters may be used in a wide variety of water treatment applications by using different media.

Media that can be used in Para-Flo filters and typical applications

Activated Carbon

Used for the removal of taste, odor,  and color.  Granulated activated carbon used in Flag City Water Systems equipment is an excellent filtration medium with efficient absorption characteristics.

The most common application is the removal of undesirable taste and odor present in chlorinated water supplies.  The end product is clean water with no objectionable taste.

Activated carbon requires only periodic backwashing to eliminate accumulated suspended matter and regrade the filter bed.  When the filter bed loses the capacity to remove taste and odor, the bed must be replaced.


A granular filter media used for the removal of iron and/or manganese from well water supplies.  Birm acts as a catalyst between oxygen and the soluble iron compounds, producing ferric hydroxide which precipitates and is easily filtered.

Birm does not require regeneration.  Periodic backwashing is necessary to remove precipitated iron from the filter bed.  This method of iron control is only one of several available Flag City dealers for optimum results, and should not be considered the complete answer to such water problems.

Again, the higher the content, the more frequently the filtering media should be backwashed.


A crushed and screened white marble material (calcium carbonate) which is used to neutralize acidic or low pH waters.  Calcite, on contact with acidic water, slowly dissolved the calcium carbonate media to raise the pH.  This effectively neutralizes the potential corrosion of copper and other metals found in plumbing systems.

PF0840 PF1040 PF1240
Media Tank Size 8” x 40” 10” x 40” 12” x 42”
Media Types MacroliteTM Carbon Calcite MacroliteTM Carbon Calcite MacroliteTM Carbon Calcite
Flow Rate 6 gpm 7 gpm 8 gpm
Backwash Control Mechanical Meter Mechanical Meter Mechanical Meter
Connection Size .75” x 1.00” .75” x 1.00” .75” x 1.00”