Kinetico PowerLine

black Kinetico PowerLine filter with hands holding grey residueFlag City Water Systems gives you, the client, a choice from several different water softening systems that are sure to meet the unique needs of your business. Kinetico’s renowned non-electric, twin tank water softeners set the standard with a unique design that offers continuous soft water, 24 hours a day with minimal maintenance. Non-electric operation eliminates down time and other problems associated with electrical component malfunctions.

Since Kinetico water softening systems clean themselves automatically with soft water, you’re assured the best possible efficiency and water quality. Kinetico’s PowerLine Softener handles flows up to 250 gpm.

Some of the features of this high quality water softener include:

  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) enhanced systems can be easily adapted and changed to meet your evolving water treatment needs. When a Kinetico PLC PowerLine System is installed, making modifications to accommodate your changing water needs is both simple and quick.
  • Lead-Free Brass Control Valve puts all operation and regeneration control in a top mount valve. This configuration simplifies installation and system operation.
  • Adjustable Regeneration/Backwash Cycle allows for custom regeneration (backwash) sequence and time, setting up the ideal cycle for the site’s application.
  • Corrosion Resistant Tanks withstand the harshest environments. High Quality Media (for softening) maintains long life and high capacity to assure quality water. Exchange capacities up to 30,000 grains per cubic foot.
  • Macrolite® Media (for filtration) is specified when fine prefiltration is critical. This innovative media is used to remove particles as small as three microns without requiring conventional pretreatment such as coagulation or flocculation.
  • Broad Product Range provides delivery flows from 60 to 540 gallons (225 to 2,050 liters) per minute.