Kinetico TL Series

Kinetico understands your company’s water treatment needs. We deliver the quality you expect with a variety of standard features and a selection of options for your specific application.

Commercial Membrane Systems

The TL series of membrane systems are ideal when high quality water is needed, space is at a premium and you need to conserve water. Its compact design makes installation simple. It’s unique submersible pump design allows for quiet, trouble-free operation.

Kinetico’s Patented EverClean® Rinse

In systems with a raw water flush or no flush, dissolved solids travel through the membrane when the system is idle and appear in the product water upon start-up. Accelerated membrane fouling also occurs, decreasing membrane life and increasing maintenance costs. Kinetico’s patented EverClean Rinse eliminates the potential for low quality start-up water and extends membrane life. The EverClean Rinse is standard on all TL Series systems.



Carbon Filtration provides chlorine removal for extended membrane life and improved product water quality. Filtration improves feed water quality by removing excessive solids. Softening increases reverse osmosis system performance by eliminating hardness fouling, extending membrane life and improving product water quality.

Storage and Repressurization

Systems provide a constant supply and pressure of high quality permeate water. Standard Bladder Tank sizes available up to 80 gallons (300 litres). Atmospheric Tank sizes available up to 1,500 gallons (5,675 litres).


Products range in size to provide up from: 2,000 to 8,000 gallons per day (7,572 to 30,289 Lpd) of high quality permeate water. Low Energy, High Rejection Membranes can operate in colder water temperatures and with lower water pressure than previously possible. Space-saving Design requires minimal floor space. Simply mount or position near a water line and drain.
Simple Expansion by adding membrane modules any TL series system can be increased to 8,000 gpd (30,289 Lpd). EverClean® Rinse cleans the system’s membrane with high quality permeate water upon shutdown to protect water quality at start-up and prolong the membrane’s life. Prefilter improves feed water quality by removing solids.
Pump-In-Tube Design reduces system size and provides quiet operation. Digital Micro-Processor makes operation easy and precise. Fully automatic control allows for accurate water quality monitor and control. Auxiliary Pump Control allows for straight forward control of a repressurization pump through the system’s micro-processor
Automatic Low Pressure Shutoffprotects pump by shutting down system when line pressure is inadequate. Panel-Mounted Glycerin- Filled Gauges provide reliable pressure readings. Single Valve Feed PressureOperation makes feed pressure adjustments quick and easy.

Use in such applications and markets as:
Process Water • Rinse Water • Purified Drinking Water • Lab Water • Boiler Feed • Grocery Stores • Glass Washing • Car Washes • Whole House Treatment • Office Buildings • Restaurants • Schools and Universities • Printer • Hospitals • Dental Offices • Humidification • Metal Finishing • Semi-conductor • Ice Making • Ice Skating Rinks • Biomedical Applications • Photography • Pharmaceutical Production • Cosmetics • Animal Drinking Water • Hatcheries – Aqua Culture • Green Houses • Metal Plating • Battery Water • Bottled Water