Kinetico TQ series

Kinetico understands your company’s water treatment needs. We deliver the quality you expect with a variety of standard features and a selection of options for your specific application.

Commercial Membrane TQ Series

The TQ series of reverse osmosis and nanofiltration systems are ideal when high quality water is needed, but space is at a premium. Its compact, non-electric design makes installation simple.

TQ Series Features

  • Conserves Water
  • Extended Membrane Life
  • EverClean® Rinse
  • Improved Water Quality
  • Easily Expanded
Standard Features

  • Non-electric operation
  • Wall-mountable
  • Space-saving design
Cabinet Models

  • Integrated pump
  • Compact design
  • Movable, rolling
    cart design

Kinetico’s Patented EverClean® Rinse
In systems with a raw water flush or no flush, dissolved solids travel through the membrane when the system is idle and appear in the product water upon start-up. Accelerated membrane fouling also occurs, decreasing membrane life and increasing maintenance costs. Kinetico’s patented EverClean® Rinse eliminates the potential for low quality start-up water and extends membrane life.

The Competition
Uses untreated water to
clean itself or doesn’t clean
itself at all. is process
dramatically decreases
membrane life and results
in poorer product water.
Patented EverClean® Rinse
Uses clean permeate product water to clean itself more thoroughly. Membrane rests in water that is virtually free of total dissolved solids.


Products range in size to provide up to 600 gallons (2,260 litres) of high quality permeate water per day. Low Energy, High Rejection Membranes can operate in colder water temperatures and with lower water pressure than previously possible. Non Electric Shut Off works automatically through water pressure signals. Since the system does not produce water unnecessarily, water is conserved. EverClean® Rinse cleans the system’s membrane with high quality permeate water upon shutdown to protect water quality at start-up and prolong the membrane’s life. Space-saving designs require minimal floor space. Simply wall mount near a water line and drain.


Choice of Membrane Reverse Osmosis membranes are recommended when the highest quality water is needed. Nanofilter membranes can be used when good water is needed but high quality water isn’t necessary (or desired). Nanofilter membranes typically allow 25 percent of the water’s total dissolved solids to pass through the system. They can also operate more effectively on hard water than reverse osmosis membranes, reducing the need for pretreatment. Simple Expansion by adding modules to increase water production by 50 percent on select models.


Pretreatment Carbon Filtration provides chlorine removal for extended membrane life and improved product water quality. Filtration improves feed water quality by removing excessive solids. Softening increases reverse osmosis system performance by eliminating hardness fouling, extending membrane life and improving product water quality. Booster Pump can be added to standard models. Storage and Repressurization Systems provides a constant supply and pressure of high quality permeate water. Standard Bladder Tank sizes available up to 80 gallons (300 litres). Kinetico QuickFloTM storage tank can be used in single or multiple tank configurations. Atmospheric Tank sizes available up to 1,500 gallons (5,675 litres).