Kinetico’s Sulfur Guard System

If your home has that horrible rotten egg odor because of sulfur in your water, trust the professionals at Flag City Water Systems to provide you with a simple way to get clean, fresh sulfur-free water in your home today. Flag City Water Systems implements the Sulfur Guard system, a water purifying system that removes the hydrogen sulfide gas from your water, giving you great tasting (and great smelling) water every time.

The Sulfur Guard System contains Sulfaban, our exclusive and extremely effective media used to remove hydrogen sulfide gas from your water. When your water enters the Sulfur Guard System and comes in contact with the bed of Sulfaban media, Sulfaban eliminates the hydrogen sulfide gas, leaving you with fresh, odor-free water.

When you use Kinetico’s Sulfur Guard System to remove the sulfur water from your home, you can count on easy maintenance. Hydrogen peroxide, used to clean the Sulfaban media, is all that’s necessary to maintain your Sulfur Guard System. Simply add it to the convenient storage reservoir on your system and the rest is automatic. The system is completely rinsed with clean water, so it can continue providing you with sulfur free fresh water.

The Sulfur Guard System’s non-electric operation simplifies things too. Rather than electricity, it’s the flow of the water passing through the Sulfur Guard System that triggers when it needs to clean itself or when it is ready to provide fresh, clean water.

Thanks to the Sulfur Guard System’s twin tank design, you’ll always have a supply of fresh, clean water, even when it needs to clean itself. Both filtering tanks are in service simultaneously (unless one is regenerating) to ensure higher quality water, prolong the life of the system and increase water flow.