Lake & Pond Management

For the past 35 years, Flag City Water has been providing its customers the very best in water treatment equipment, inside and out of the home. While suburban homeowners may not have to concern themselves with their water source, many rural homeowners may be faced with a decision and a natural water source may be the only viable alternative. When your home or business requires professional lake and pond water management, call upon Flag City Water.

Water Management Program

Using a combination of our products and services, Flag City Water will be there to purify your surface water to provide a source of clear, safe drinking water. When properly filtered and disinfected, surface water can become a safe and inexpensive water source for household use, livestock, lawn and garden, swimming pools, and other home or business uses. Take a look at our list of professional lake and pond management services:

  • Water Quality Analysis
  • Environmental Studies
  • Habitat Manipulation
  • Chemical Application
  • Aeration Equipment Installation

We are able to treat a wide range of surface level water issues, but we prefer to dig down to the root cause. At Flag City Water, we value the discovery of the underlying water quality problems as more efficient and cost effective as opposed to continuous treatment. With that in mind, we proudly evaluate and develop eco-friendly solutions to correct natural lake and pond water conflicts.

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As specialists in the design and installation of virtually any type and size of water treatment system and equipment, contact us at Flag City Water to discover your options for lake and pond water treatment systems. To get started, fill out our Free Water Analysis form to learn more about the water quality in your lake or pond. If you would like to further discuss our lake and pond management systems, call us at (419) 423-8082.

Learn more about Flag City Water Systems Beneficial Pond Bacteria.

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blue waterEZ Water Quality Enzyme

One of our key products is ez Water Quality Enzymes.  Ez WQ Enzymes promote effective biological remediation.

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