Whole House Floating Pond Filter

The professionals at Flag City Water Systems can help you make the most of the surface water sources you have on your property. This guide provides information on products which allow you to take full advantage of surface water sources such as ponds, lakes and inlets. These products are designed specifically for surface water and will perform together as a complete water treatment or filtration system, or separately to improve the quality of an existing water system.

Since 1960, the Floating Pond Filter (BUY NOW), consisting of a housing assembly and replaceable water filter element, has proven to be the easiest and most economical way to remove clean water from inlets, ponds and lakes. When used in a well maintained pond within a controlled drainage area, a Floating Pond Filter provides the cleanest possible water for final filtration and disinfections through a household water treatment system.

Research at the Ohio State University has shown the cleanest water in a pond is approximately 18 inches below the surface. At this level, the water is below the alga which floats on the top of the pond, and above the turbid bottom water.

How does a Floating Pond Filter work? Water is drawn through the replaceable filter element on the Floating Pond Filter from 18 to 32 inches below the pond surface. This water has less color, taste, odor, and bacteria than any other part of the pond; therefore, it’s more desirable. The filter removes dirt and debris which can clog valves on livestock waterers and cause excessive pump wear. If the water is being withdrawn for domestic use, this cleanest of water can be disinfected with less cost and effort.

A floating pond water filter protects and extends the life of your in-house water treatment system and all pumps and valves. It’s useful with home water treatment systems, commercial ponds, potable drinking water, inlet and lake systems, and even with submersible pump systems. When the floating filter was first developed, it was incorporated into a study completed by the State of Ohio Agricultural Research & Development Center. The study established that a surface water intake filter (floating filter) is an essential component of any pond water treatment system.

How can I tell if my pond is a suitable water supply? Basically, any pond in which 25 percent of the pond is at least eight (8) feet deep, with a controlled drainage area and regular maintenance, is likely to be a good source of raw water. By managing the pond for weeds and algae, maintaining vegetation on the drainage area, and restricting the use of chemicals and pesticides within the watershed, a pond owner can protect the quality of the pond water.

Is the floating pond filter easy to install?

pond filter diagram

The floating pond filter is easy to install. Normal installation involves attaching the floating pond filter to the end of a flexible suction hose which is connected to the pipe coming through the dam wall. The filter is then anchored in position using the anchor rope and a concrete block. The entire filter assembly is installed with common plumbing tools, and complete directions are included. The Floating Filter assembly is equipped with a 1 1/4 inch outlet and will handle flow rates up to 20 gallons per minute.

All floating filter assemblies are constructed of heavy-duty, reinforced fiberglass, PVC plastic and stainless steel to ensure many years of trouble-free service. Filter housing components are maintenance-free and will not rot, rust or corrode. Many of our original filter assemblies are still in use after nearly 30 years of continuous service.

The replaceable filter elements (BUY NOW) will last one to two years, depending on the amount of use and the care and maintenance of the pond. The element can be changed in just a few minutes without special tools or mechanical skills.

The floating pond filter does have a warranty. The filter housing and float assembly carry a full 5-YEAR warranty.The pond water source can be used year round, even in the coldest temperatures. When properly installed with a flexible suction hose, the filter is not affected by wind or freezing and will continue to operate even under thick ice. A floating pond filter will not disinfect the pond water.  The floating filter is designed only to remove dirt and debris. However, it is an essential first component of our Water Treatment Plant.

A floating pond filter can be used with a submersible pump system. The performance of a submersible pump used to move water over longer distances or to higher elevations can be enhanced by installing the pump in our Model FPC-435 Submersible Pump Cage. The pump draws water through the Floating Pond Filter.

  1. Floating Pond Filter.
  2. JetPump and Pressure Tank.
  3. Alum Pump.
  4. ChlorinePump. (If not using Iodine).
  5. Iodine Feed Assembly.(If not using Chlorine).
  6. Alum Storage Tank.
  7. Chlorine Storage Tank
  8. 80 Gallon Retention Tank
  9. 120 Gallon Retention Tank
  10. Kinetico Carbon Filter
  11. Kinetico Softener and Brine Tank
  12. 15-1,5 Micron Sediment Filter, 10in.
  13. 15-1,1 Micron Sediment Filter, 10in.
  14. Kinetico Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System.