Pond Chemicals and Supplies

At Flag City Water Systems we offer solutions to your pond and lake water problems.  From the identification of water weeds and algae to the recommendation of properly sized aeration systems our evaluations of your needs are a priority.  A look at various water use sites and their specific problems can help us determine the proper plan for the site while considering the environmental impact any such plan may have.

pond with cloudy sky and trees in autumn

Various Water Use Sites:

  • Lakes
  • Reservoirs
  • Irrigation and Drainage Systems
  • Wastewater Ponds
  • Farm Ponds
  • Office and Retention Ponds

Site Correctional Methods:

  • Physical Removal
  • Mechanical Removal
  • Biological Controls
  • Chemical Control
  • Habitat Manipulation

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Once the pond water survey is completed we can help you with step by step instructions and recommendations for understanding, preventing, and correcting undesirable elements in your pond or lake water.

Lake Dyes, Surfactants, and Other Pond Supplies

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Aquashade – A concentrated liquid formulation for use in contained lakes and ponds.  EPA registered for aquatic plant growth control.  Contains a blend of blue and yellow dyes to block out specific light rays critical to photosynthesis.  No restrictions on swimming, fishing, irrigation or stock watering.  Leaves water a pleasing blue color.

Aqua Shadow – Aquashadow Lake and Pond Colorant is a blended formulation of water soluble dyes designed for use in smaller lakes, ponds, decorative water features and other impounded bodies of water with
limited outflow.

Aquatic Blue – Aquatic Blue Lake and Pond Dye is an organic water dye for use in ponds, lakes, decorative water features, golf course water hazards, and impounded bodies of water with limited or no outflow. Aquatic Blue improves the appearance of surface water by turning waters a bright blue or blue-green color. Aquatic Blue may be poured directly into the water at several locations to enhance dispersion.

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Cide-Kick II – A non-ionic, water soluble, low viscosity, biodegradable wetting agent and activator. Helps break down waxy leaf cuticle for more effective herbicide uptake. Use with Rodeo, Reward, 2,4-D, and other herbicides for spraying emergent vegatation. Mix with algaecides for better control of tough algae species.

Other Pond Supplies Buy Now

A Water Weed and Algae Book – The main text of How to Identify and Control Water Weeds and Algae provides a comprehensive look at aquatic vegetation problems and control measures. Numerous control alternatives are discussed which highlight the benefit and disadvantages of each method. A detailed section on plant identification includes pictures, written descriptions, distribution maps and recommended controls and alternatives for each.

Lake Kleerant – Lake Kleerant is a non toxic lake treatment. Application reduces cloudy water by precipitating organic and inorganic particles. It contains two dry materials which are serially applied. Part A is aluminum sulfate which is the precipitant and Part B is sodium bicarbonate to buffer the pH drop from the aluminum sulfate. The buffer prevents a decline in pH protecting fish and other aquatic life.

Septictrine – Septictrine natural enzyme is the only septic waste digester that contains all 5 enzymes needed to liquefy all wastes not totally digested by bacteria in your septic or cesspool system. Flush 2 ounces of Septictrine (per 500 gal. tank capacity) down toilet every week until system is working properly. A repeat treatment every other week assures you a non-clogging…trouble-free system.