Magnetic Springs Water

Flag City Water Systems is proud to carry one of America’s most repeated brands of bottled water, Magnetic Springs Bottled Water. At Flag City Water Systems, not only do we offer spring water, there is also reverse osmosis water and distilled water, all in five-gallon bottles.

We provide delivery service to all of our surrounding areas in northwest Ohio. We deliver bottled water, chlorine, filters, Dura Cube softener salt, hydrogen peroxide and many other miscellaneous items. Our delivery drivers can leave the products at your door. Call 419-423-8082 for more information or to get set up on the Flag City Water Systems delivery route!

The pure spring waters of Magnetic Springs never stop moving, so the water’s always fresh. What it moves through is even more important. The water is naturally forced through a 225-foot natural sandstone filter to receive its pure goodness. Sandstone is recognized as one of nature’s finest natural filters.

When it comes to unsurpassed, delicious tasting coffee, tea, soups and fruit juices, just add Magnetic Springs bottled water. Magnetic Springs Natural Spring Water brings out the true taste. Not only is it chlorine free, but there’s virtually no sodium.

Medical experts agree pure water is essential for healthy bodies. They recommend 8-10 glasses daily. Magnetic Springs Natural Spring Water can be an excellent source for this pure water goodness.

Analyzed weekly by independent laboratories for the state of Ohio, Magnetic Springs Natural Spring Water continually surpasses the most stringent laboratory tests. To assure purity, Magnetic Springs Natural Spring Water passes through a nine-stage filtration process from carbon filtration to ultraviolet light. This is why you never have to worry about contaminants in Magnetic Springs Natural Spring Water. No algae, detergents, pesticides, industrial wastes or urban sewage pollution, only the delightful, natural goodness that comes from pure spring water.

Magnetic Springs presents you with a convenient, full range of water dispensers and water coolers for every home decor or work environment need. Our water coolers are quality checked for reliability and backed by lifetime service. Plus, with every Magnetic Springs water cooler, you receive free delivery and set up. Magnetic Springs does everything it can to provide you with natural spring water that’s not only pure, but simple, too. All you ever need to do is just add the pure goodness of Magnetic Springs Natural Spring Water.