Membrane Filtration Systems

Flag City Water Systems offers the highest quality commercial and industrial membrane water treatment equipment.  We can provide professional services related to the planning, design, construction and installation of custom designed membrane based water systems.  Our services are supplied to various industries such as power generation, chemical processing, carwashes, automotive, hospital and other light industrial and commercial markets.

We have worked with the EPA and other government agencies to design and supply membrane systems to their exacting standards.  We have installed systems throughout the United States and Canada that are providing quality water to meet our customer’s needs.  Reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration, and nanofiltration are just a few of the systems we have installed to meet our clients needs.  Although this page focuses on membrane systems rest assured we have the capabilities to bring the best pre treatment options into play with your membrane based system.

Flag City Water Sytems is able to bring you the best in Industrial Reverse Osmosis Systems.  We work hand in hand with the major manufacturers of industrial built membrane systems.  Kinetico, Crane and Western Reserve are just a few of the companies we represent.

What really sets us apart from other equipment suppliers is our ability to understand and analyze the water problems before the application of equipment.  Once the equipment is selected and the installation is completed by our professional installers (or yours) it is time for our service to make sure the equipment stays in top running form.  Our superior products, application knowledge and the ability to install and service your installation make Flag City Water Systems the leader in commercial industrial membrane water treatment.

There are several different classifications of membrane type systems.  We will select the proper membrane for the application.  We offer these pre engineered membrane systems in configurations and flow rates from 150 gallons per day to 360,000 gallons per day. Larger custom systems can be built upon request.

  • Tap Water
  • Brackish Water
  • Sea Water
  • Double Pass (High Purity)

Each application and accompanying water source requires a different approach and system design.  Following is an example of applications Flag City Water Systems can treat with a membrane system:

  • Boiler Feed Water
  • Rinse Water
  • Desalination
  • Potable Water
  • Ingredient Water
  • Medical Water
  • Laboratory Water
  • Process Water
  • Bottled Water

Flag City Water Systems has the most complete line of Reverse Osmosis equipment in the industry. To select the right Reverse Osmosis system for your application, there are four primary considerations; the type of raw water, the quality of the product water required the capacity of product water required, and any special features such as storage, repressurization, or mounting.

Using the water analysis we will also recommend the best Pretreatment Equipment such as water softeners, carbon filters, and chemical feed systems.  We will help you through each stage of these primary considerations.  If you already have the specifications of what you require please go to our water analysis form and application survey.

If you do not see your application here please call or email for a personal consultation.  Flag City Water Systems can assist you with engineering drawings, system design, job specifications and submittal.  We will develop a design that meets your specific
job requirements.

Kinetico Membrane Systems

Flag City Water Systems recommends the Kinetico membrane filtration systems. Kinetico’s membrane systems provide a wide range of options including nano-filtration and reverse osmosis elements. Membrane systems are grouped into five series, each designed to address the needs of markets based on daily volume requirements and associated features. This makes it simple to match a product with exact customer needs.

TS Series Membrane

The TS series is designed to accommodate either reverse osmosis or nano-filtration membranes. Kinetico’s EverClean Rinse is offered as a system option with the TS Series. Installation space is minimized due to wall mount design.

Learn more about the TS series.

TQ Series Membrane

This series is non-electric and more compact. It is designed to provide high quality water through either reverse osmosis or nano-filtration membranes. An integral feature, the EverClean Rinse is included, keeping membranes in peak performance. The system brings big features to the small unit, making it ideal for small commercial applications.

Learn more about the TQ series.

TL Series Membrane

This system is skid mounted. It features Kinetico’s EverClean Rinse to clean the system’s membranes with high quality reverse osmosis water. This feature extends membrane life and improves water quality. The system’s pump-in-tube design provides quiet operation. The unit also includes an integrated circuit control for all system operations.

Learn more about the TL series.

Flag City Industrial Membrane Filtration Series

Flag City Water Systems offers the highest quality commercial and industrial membrane water treatment equipment.  We can provide professional services related to the planning, design, construction and installation of custom designed membrane based water systems.


Membranes are available for the following applications:

  • Car Washes
  • Commercial Water Treatment Dialysis
  • Food & Dairy RO & NF Full Fit
  • Fouling Water Sources
  • Highest Quality Water (Highest Rejection)
  • Home Drinking Water
  • Industrial Water from Brackish Sources
  • Laboratories
  • Low Energy
  • Maple Sap
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Municipal / Potable Water
  • Nanofiltration / Special Solutes
  • Offshore Oil Injection Water
  • Restaurants
  • Seawater
  • Semiconductor Rinse Water
  • Special Solutes
  • Tertiary Effluent
  • Water for the Beverage Industry
  • Water for the Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Water Vending

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