Pond Water Treatment

At Flag City Water Systems, we provide complete water support systems to help you create clean water in your home or business, both inside and outside.

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For most city residents, a dependable, clean water supply is something we take for granted. In many suburban and rural areas, however, homeowners and farmers still face real challenges in finding and maintaining an adequate supply of safe water. Where a municipal water supply doesn’t exist, or where water rate surcharges often drive up the cost of service in outlying areas, natural water sources pose the only alternative.

When you are looking for a new clean water supply, you can trust the experts at Flag City Water Systems. We take surface water and properly filter and disinfect it to provide clean, clear, safe water for household and other uses.

Homeowners not served by public water systems generally turn first to ground water or drilled wells as a potential source of household water. In many cases, however, wells are expensive to drill, the quantity of water may be inadequate for household needs, and the water can be contaminated by iron, sulfur, or chemicals. Where drilled wells are not feasible, surface water provides a good alternative. Surface water sources typically include ponds, lakes, springs and cisterns.

When properly filtered and disinfected, surface water can provide a source of clean, safe, and inexpensive water for household uses, livestock, lawn and garden, swimming pools or any other home or farm purpose.

Professional Lake and Pond Management

Contact the professionals at Flag City Water Systems to assist you with your lake a pond problems. We can assist you initially to plan and implement a successful water management program. Flag City Water Systems can also help you with the following:

  • Chemical Application– The professionals at Flag City Water Systems will examine the site and determine the type and extent of vegetation problems. We work closely with government agency personnel and chemical manufacturers to remain up-to-date on regulations and current technology. We will obtain permits (where necessary), apply the chemicals and provide follow-ups if you are in our geographical service area.  If you are out of our area we will still provide the recommendations and chemicals to control your vegetation problems
  • Aeration Equipment Installation– Services include assessment of dissolved oxygen concentrations and determination of aeration needs. Proper sizing and placement of these systems is required to prevent fish kills, promote healthy fish populations and improve water quality.
  • Water Quality Analysis– Water sampling and laboratory services are available at Flag City Water Systems. Our highly trained staff can identify existing problems, find their causes and recommend protection or rehabilitation techniques. Periodic monitoring may be necessary to determine whether water is safe for swimming, susceptible to fish kills, or receiving high levels or pollutants and nutrients. Existing background water quality data must be compiled to determine whether conditions are improving or degrading in the future. Flag City Water Systems can also be able to assess the safety of drinking water supplies in the area.
  • Habitat Manipulation– Includes use of bottom barriers, application of dyes, and deactivation of nutrients or draw down to improve the environment.
  • Environmental Studies– Examination of watershed areas for sources of erosion, nutrient loading pollution are services available at Flag City Water Systems. We will work with you toward solving problems once they are identified.

Through an integrated approach of studies, protective measures and rehabilitation techniques, we can provide short-term improvement to restore recreational activities plus lead the way toward more permanent remedial action.

Natural Lake and Pond Water Treatment

The researchers and technologists at Flag City Water Systems believe that addressing the source of your water quality problems is more efficient and cost effective than continually treating the symptoms.  We will test and evaluate your water to determine the root cause of the problems and then develop an eco-friendly solution that corrects the problems.  We combine different types of enzymes, bacteria, trace minerals and aeration to create customized solutions for your specific water needs.

We evaluate and service all lake and pond applications.  Whether your water is as small as a water garden or as large as a municipal lake we can help.  We have also contributed to the health of golf courses and natural pond applications.  We will provide powerful natural technologies to achieve and sustain superior water clarity and sludge (muck) control without the use of chemicals.  All of our biodegradable maintenance solutions are safe for people, pets, fish and aquatic plants.   When used as directed these products will improve the overall water health and manageability of your water season after season.

Beneficial Pond Bacteria in Water-Soluble Packets

This 2-in-1 formulation contains beneficial pond bacteria and pulverized barley straw.  This formulation also contains cold-water pond bacteria that are able to perform in water temperatures as low as 35 F.  This product has been packaged in pre-measured water-soluble packets, to allow for easy dosing. It is ideal for use in farm ponds, golf course ponds, irrigation ponds and other ponds and lakes.

When applied to ponds & lakes, our beneficial bacteria, provide the following benefits:

  • Reduces Murky Water
  • Reduces Odors
  • Reduces Bottom-Sludge
  • Reduces Phosphate

Learn more about Flag City Water Systems Beneficial Pond Bacteria.

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EZ Water Quality Enzyme

One of our key products is ez Water Quality Enzymes.  Ez WQ Enzymes promote effective biological remediation.

Learn more about EZ Water Quality Enzymes.

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