Residential Water Treatment Systems

Flag City Water Systems offers a wide variety of residential water treatment products that will assist you in providing only the highest quality water to your family for drinking, bathing, laundry and other uses.

It’s a fact . . . there are three types of water.

Raw Water
This water arrives at your home from your municipal or private system. It contains impurities that make it impractical for use inside your home. Raw water is fine for use outside your home and does not need to be of high quality. In fact, to treat this water would not be economical or practical.

Treated Working Water
This is the water your family uses throughout the home for laundry, showers, and baths. Here it is necessary to remove minerals and several troublesome pollutants to prevent staining in your sinks and tubs, clogging in your drains, scaling in your pans, and residue on hair and skin. With a soft water treatment system, baths, showers, and shampoos are totally new wonderful experiences. Conditioned water saves you time and money. Soaps, detergents, shampoos, and cleaners all work better in soft water. You’ll use less, too. . . . Water treatment systems for removing iron and sulfur from your water are also available.

Treated Drinking Water
The water that you and your entire family need to live on is of great importance and needs the proper water treatment system. Your family needs protection from chemicals, bacteria, and other toxic substances that may enter your drinking water every day. Among these impurities are chlorine, nitrates, sulfates, asbestos, and several dissolved metals.

Water Treatment Systems Include:

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