Upstream Systems

Upstream water treatmentUpstream® systems are engineered to achieve the same performance standards as NSF 55 Class A certified Halletts, but are for use where regulations do not require it that certification. Because Crossfire Technology is so powerful and efficient, there are Upstream® models for surface and dug well water use where UVT levels are as low as 50%.

Upstream® systems include flexible stainless steel hook-up hoses, and a Transient Voltage Surge Protector as standard. Auto shut-off solenoid valves and wireless remote monitors are options.

Why Upstream®?

  • Laboratory tested to 40 mJ/cm2 dose at END of lamp life — same as NSF/ANS55 Class A certification. Competing brands test at beginning at lamp life and at a potentially unsafe dose of only 30 mJ/cm2.
  • Tested at 50% and 75% UVT (UV transmittance) of water. Competing brands test at virtually pure 95% UVT.
  • Operates at a wide range of water and air temperatures and pre-treatment ranges, unlike competing brands with limited operating conditions.

The most effective UV treatment

  • 55 mJ/cm2 at 14.6 US GPM and 70% transmittance
  • Elliptical reflectors eliminate UV shadowing
  • Lamp output maximized from freezing to 40°C (105°F), air and water
  • Effective in the broadest range of pre-treatment conditions

Patented self-cleaning

  • Automatic 316 SS self-cleaning mechanism and on-board automatic purge valve eliminates quartz fouling, manual cleaning and quartz removal

Patented smart technology engineered to be fail-safe and risk-free

  • Dual UV sensors continuously monitor UV intensity and net UV transmittance
  • Digital monitor, visual and audible caution and alarm notification
  • On-board data logging and self-diagnostic troubleshooting logic is standard
  • Standard automatic solenoid shut-off valve engineered to be fail-safe
  • Optional wireless remote monitor, 4-20 mA output and modem

Virtually maintenance free

  • No labor-intensive quartz cleaning or removal required
  • Eliminates risk of quartz breaking
  • Engineered to eliminate false alarms
  • Constructed entirely of corrosion resistant materials

Quick and easy to install

  • Small footprint and compact size
  • No wasted space required for lamp removal
  • Standard SS flexible hoses mean no hard piping is required
  • Standard solenoid shut-off valve with manual override makes bypass piping optional

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