Water Softeners & Filters in Bowling Green, OH

Whether it be in your home or office, you need a consistent supply of soft, pure water. When considering the company to turn to for affordable and efficient services in water treatment, the certified staff at Flag City Water  Systems is the smartest choice. We have over  100 years of combined experience, and our services in water softening, sulfur treatment, and bulk water delivery , among others, have serviced over 30,000 satisfied customers who have saved time and money thanks to our dedicated staff and sterling customer service. If you reside in Bowling Green, or anywhere in  Northwestern Ohio, and would like the comfort of having the cleanest water possible, Flag City Water Systems can offer you the best assistance, with top-quality services that are customized to fit your needs.

Experts in Water Treatment Solutions

We at Flag City Water Systems have become one of the most trusted water treatment companies in the area thanks to our wide range of services and commercial and residential water treatment products, providing our customers with the most up-to-date equipment the market has to offer. With highly-regarded suppliers that include Kinetico Home Water Systems, Upstream Systems, and Hallett Systems, we’re able to offer unique products at competitive prices. Flag City Water Systems also provides systems for industrial and municipal water treatment, designed to keep efficient purification for large amounts of water at all times. For systems that address everything from water softening to pond water management, our water treatment professionals can assist in assessing the current state of your water and making the best recommendation for which of our services and systems can help meet your needs.

Free Water Analysis

Flag City Water Systems is well-versed in water treatment solutions and is ready to supply your business or home in Bowling Green with the purest, cleanest water possible. To speak with one of our certified water treatment experts, give us a call at (419) 423-8082 or fill out our form for a free water analysis. We provide our services to all residents living in the 43402 and 43403 zip codes.