Softeners & Filters in Putnam County, Ohio

Servicing northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan, Flag City Water Systems has over 35 years of experience caring for our 30,000 customers. At Flag City Water, we want to provide you with fresh, safe water. Our Kinetico water softeners are economical and reliable, making them the world’s most efficient water softeners. With Flag City Water filters, you never again have to fear that your drinking water may contain dangerous impurities. Our technicians can determine the best units to remove common contaminations such as iron bacteria, hydrogen sulfide, arsenic, strange tastes, colors, and odors based on your specific needs.

Water Treatment and Services

Flag City Water Systems can help you with all of your water treatment needs. Our OWQA-certified experts can provide you a free quote and recommendations for the best units to service your home or business. Customer satisfaction is our goal, whether we’re providing deliveries of bottled water, chlorine, salt, or even bulk water for pools, we aim to make your interaction with us as smooth as possible. Our affordable treatment systems include sulfur and iron removal systems, ultra-violet water treatments, and purified drinking water systems. Flag City Water services all of the equipment we offer.

Free Water Analysis

Putnam County courthouse

Flag City Water Systems services residential, commercial, and industrial properties in Putnam County, Ohio. With many public water supplies having some level of contamination, the safety of your family or employees could be affected. Please give our specialists a call today at (419) 423-8082 or fill out our form to receive a free analysis of your water.

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