Why Kinetico?

Kinetico K5 Drinking Water System, Findlay OH

Brad, Sheri, I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know how much Elaine and I are enjoying our new water system.  I don’t think I realized how good water could taste until the Kinetico system was put in.  I find myself constantly reaching for a glass to have some water instead of soda now and am loving it. I also wanted to tell you that our refrigerator bypass plug came in this past week and filling up a glass of water is no longer a 2 – 3 minute task. I think the water now comes out of the fridge even faster than it did prior to the installation of the K5 system.  Everything is to be working flawlessly and we are enjoying it very much. -Doug

Peroxide System, Leipsic OH

Mrs. Siefker – she is so happy with Jeremy!! She said Jeremy has done work for them before and they know when he comes things will be done right. Her husband was in New York when Jeremy was there and he told his wife – “if Jeremy is doing it I know it will be done right”. They have been pleased with FCW for a long time and hope to continue to be.

Kinetico Softener, K5 Drinking Water System, Pond Fountain, Tiffin OH

Mr. Manz – he couldn’t be happier – he said I just saved him from sending an email to Brad praising Jeremy! He said Brad and Jeremy went out of their way to help him and now everything seems to be working real good. He said Jeremy gave him lots of instructions and couldn’t have been more helpful – and he was so impressed Jeremy stayed until around 5 pm to get the job done.

Kinetico Softener, Findlay OH

Mr. Scott – he said the install went just fine and the technician answered questions he didn’t even have!

Kinetico Softener, K5 Drinking Water System, Green Springs OH

Mr. Weyer – he said the install went just fine – and the tech did a good job of explaining everything – it’s just that there is so much to absorb. He said the tech was very knowledgeable and very kind. They are really happy and can tell a difference already – he said his wife is happy and when she’s happy everyone is happy.

Kinetico Softener, Bluffton OH

Mr. Beilharz – he said he had stopped in the office to let Sherri and Brad both know how pleased they were with the install. From Bruce to Doug to Jeremy – he said everyone was very professional, did a great job, left everything very neat and clean and were cautious working around their things. He really appreciated the job everyone did and will not hesitate to let others know the same.

Kinetico Softener, K5 Drinking Water System, Gibsonburg OH

Mr. Dietz – he said the install went real good and the tech was real good too. He also liked the salesman! He said they have been customers for a long time.

Kinetico Softener, K5 Drinking Water System, Findlay OH

Mr. Wien – he said he is really happy with the equipment and they are really enjoying it. He said he hoped Roger was okay with him changing his mind where he wanted the line for the pre-filter. Guess they had already decided where to re-wire a couple of lines, then he changed his mind – but he said Roger told him “hey no problem I’ll do it the way you’d like”. He said Roger did a great job.

Peroxide System with Kinetico Para Flo, Fostoria OH

Mrs. Knight – she said everything is just wonderful – in fact she just got out of the shower and said she had more water pressure than she’s had since she moved in the house. She said the tech did a great job. She thanked us for helping her with her water!

Water Softener, Rawson OH

Mr. Hammond – he is so pleased with everything! He said the tech put him to shame the way he plumbed everything – now he is re-doing some of his stuff to look better. He said it’s a blessing to have the system – and he is pleased to be one of our FCW customers!

Kinetico CS300R Cooler, Findlay OH

Scott at Wells Fargo – he said everything went well and the water tastes great. He said he had to leave before the install was done but the tech did a good job.

Kinetico Softener, Lindsay OH

Mrs. Scherer – she said everything went just fine, no one was there during the install but the tech left their house very clean. She said they just love the system.

Kinetico Sulfur Guard and Softener, Bloomdale OH

Mr. Dennis – he said the install absolutely went great and that Jeremy did a great job. In fact, Jeremy had more than enough answers.

Kinetico CS300R Cooler, Findlay OH

Cheryl at OH Orthopedics – she said everything went fine and they are really enjoying the water. She added the tech did a good job and was very nice.

Kinetico Softener, McCutchenville OH

Mrs. Trausch – she said the install went just fine and the technician did a good job and left everything the way he found it. She said it’s a pleasure to get up in the morning and have soft water without having to stay up later than everyone else to regenerate the softener for the morning.

Kinetico Softener, Genoa OH

Mr. Brough – he was very nice said the install was good and Roger did a fine job on installing the equipment.  He said his old softener was about 15 years old and thought he better get a new one. He said Bruce was very nice.

Kinetico Sulfur Guard, Kinetico Softener, Bowling Green OH

Mr. Simon – he said everything is just great – the install went well, everything is working good and the water is really good. He said Jeremy did a really, really, really good job!