Ultra-Violet Water Treatment

What is Crossfire Technology™?

An evolutionary leap in Ultra Violet water purification technology, Crossfire Technology™ is designed to solve the risky problems inherent in conventional UV systems.

Crossfire Technology Provides the Most Effective Ultra Violet Treatment

Crossfire Technology incorporates two proprietary high-output UV lamps, with elliptical reflectors, that target pathogens with radiation from 360º, resulting in the highest UV dose possible (65 mJ/cm) to deactivate pathogens and provide safe drinking water.

Risk Free & Fail-Safe

Crossfire Technology uses dual smart UV sensors mounted in air, which cannot foul and are more reliable indicators of system performance. Lamps are air-cooled and maintain consistent levels of UV output for maximum pathogen deactivation. Computerized alarms, and an auto shut-off fail-safe valve are on board so you know only safe water can enter your water system.


Crossfire Technology uses a stainless steel wiper to clean the inside of the quartz tube eliminating quartz fouling and the need for a water softener making abrasive quartz cleaning a thing of the past – saving money and the environment.

Virtually Maintenance Free

Crossfire technology utilizes two lamps mounted in air, outside the quartz tube so maintaining a Hallett is as easy as changing a light bulb with no system draining required.

World-leading technology sets UV Pure systems apart.

Ultra Violet Pure Technologies develops and manufactures technically advanced, world leading UV water purification systems. There are currently over 9000 systems installed in residential, commercial, industrial, public and municipal applications up to 1 MGD flow rates. An aerospace version of a UV Pure system has been chosen by Boeing to purify drinking water on the new 787 Dreamliner.

The company’s patented Crossfire Technology is dramatically advantaged compared to conventional UV systems. Lamps are mounted in air surrounded by elliptical reflectors providing more effective deactivation of pathogens, and incorporating easy lamp changes and visual quartz inspection. Some models are self-cleaning, and smart – with multiple sensors and on-board diagnostics, and engineered to be fail-safe and virtually maintenance free. Remote monitoring is available.

Every UV Pure Technologies’ potable water disinfection system is laboratory validated to achieve a minimum dose of 40 mJ/cm2, at the end of lamp life, and, in real-world conditions.

Product Lines

Ultra Violet Pure markets three product lines: Hallett®, Upstream®, and Cactus for municipal to residential applications with flow from 1 MGD to 8 GPM.

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