Water Filters

Flag City Water Systems gives homeowners the ideal approach to provide clean filtered water for their homes. First we identify the impurities with our advanced lab service. Many of our testing services are at no charge. Or if you already have a completed lab analysis we can sometimes use that.

Once the impurity is isolated our water professionals will determine the ideal method to remove the specific item(s) from your water. Whatever the contaminant, we can determine the cause of the problem and recommend the proper filter for the job. The filter may be as simple as a cartridge type system or as sophisticated as a multi media automatic backwashing filter.

Common impurities found in water and the resulting symptoms:

  • Iron – red stains, metallic odor
  • Iron Bacteria – red strings or red stains
  • Manganese – black stains and metallic taste
  • Hydrogen Sulfide – rotten egg or petroleum smell and black stains
  • Low Ph – fixture degradation or green stains
  • Turbidity (cloudiness) – poor clarity
  • Tannins – brownish water
  • Corrosive – holes in fixtures or piping
  • Arsenic
  • Taste
  • Odor
  • Color

Water Filter Selections:

Whether the filter selection is upflow or downflow, automatic backwashing or of the non backwashing variety, we will make the best choice for your application.

The most critical aspect of the pressure filter performance is the proper sizing of the filter vessel for flow rates and bed depth. If this relationship is not determined correctly poor filter performance and short media life can result.

Flag City Water Systems professional staff will not only select the proper filter for your application but also make sure the media and valve selection is the best for your job. Proper filter and media selection is critical.

Media Selections:

water filter tanks

  • Multi Media Depth Filters – Suspended solids reduction.
  • Sand Filters – Removes turbidity and cloudiness
  • Filter Ag – Removes dirt, sediment and other suspended matter down to 20 micron.
  • Chem Sorb – Removes suspended solids and fine turbidity.
  • Corosex F – Neutralizes carbon dioxide and corrects red water conditions.
  • Anthrasite – Excellent medium density filtration media.
  • Calcite – Raises pH to neutralize water and eliminate acid water problems
  • Garnet – Removes turbidity and cloudiness.
  • Manganese Greensand – Removes iron, sulfur, and manganese
  • Birm – Oxidizes and removes iron and manganese depending upon specific water chemistry.
  • KDF – Chlorine, iron and sulfur removal
  • Activated Carbon – Removes chlorine and objectionable odors for fresher water
  • Centaur Carbon – hydorgen sulfide and chloramines removal.

Flag City Water Systems Methods of Filtration:

  • Cartridge Filtration – depth filters or surface filters utilizing micro fiber, fabric or yarn wound to trap larger particles.
  • Pre-Coat Filters – using a filter aid medium placed on a support medium.
  • Tank Type Rapid Flow Upflow Filters
  • Tank Type Rapid Flow Downflow Backwashing Filters – typically consisting of a fiberglass tank filled with appropriate filter media and an automatic backwashing valve.

Flag City Water Systems Methods of Oxidation:

After the water is delivered from your utility or well there is often times an on site treatment that needs to occur before the selected method of filtration can properly remove the impurity. This on site treatment usually is in the form of a Ph adjustment or oxidizer additive. The use of chlorination, air or hydrogen peroxide with sufficient retention time to allow for complete oxidation is often necessary for many filtration systems to function properly.

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