Water Treatment for Hotels and Resorts

Reduce costs

Water is costing you more than you know.


Mineral hardness forms scale in your water heater; these mineral deposits reduce the heating efficiency of your equipment costing you more money to heat the water. A 1/8 inch thick layer of scale in your water heater will result in an 18 percent reduction in boiler efficiency costing you more in energy to heat each gallon of water.

black serving tray with drinking glass and newspaper on a white bedCotton & Linens

Hardness in water combines with soaps to form soap and scale buildup on washed fabrics. The mineral deposits cause the fabrics to become brittle, rough and shorten the life substantially. A Kinetico water softener will reduce soap use by at least 50 percent and eliminate scale buildup. You’ll find that washing with soft water can double the service life of frequently washed fabrics.

Equipment Maintenance

Hard water will deposit scale in washing machines causing deterioration and premature failure of the internal components such as valves, solenoids and pumps. Dishwashers and coffee makers scale quickly when used with hard water causing reduced efficiency, shortened equipment life and increased maintenance. Hot water fixtures, dishwashers and washroom equipment will build up with mineral scale. This makes cleaning difficult and increases the potential for bacterial growth. A water softener can even eliminate scaling in an old dishwasher and extend its life. Scale build up in water and steam boilers is the number one cause of equipment failure. A Kinetico softener will eliminate the potential for failure and stop the routine cleaning of the hot water systems and washing machines.

Food Preparation

Dissolved minerals impact the way your food and beverages taste.

silverware, glassware and white napkins on a tableFlatware & Glasses

Spotty flatware and glasses is the number one aesthetic complaint of extended care residents. Eliminate these complaints by getting rid of soap scum and spots caused by hard water. Water softening will reduce soap use by more than 50 percent, and reduce the need to hand towel flatware and glasses.

Coffee & Tea

Water mineral content is responsible for changing or “masking” what would otherwise be a great cup of coffee. Most quality coffee purveyors know that reverse osmosis (RO) water is the only way to bring through the true taste of quality coffee and tea.

Post Mix & Concentrate Beverages

Chlorine and minerals are responsible for the majority of taste complaints associated with water, post-mix and concentrate beverages. Using purified RO water will dramatically improve the taste of your service beverages. Also, the amount of syrup used (Brix number) can be reduced by using RO water, for additional savings.


Mineral deposits in ice makers are the number one cause of equipment failure. The minerals in the ice are what cause the ice to “snow” in the glass as it dissolves. Water softening will eliminate the flaking when ice melts, and reverse osmosis will eliminate mineral content resulting in cleaner, harder ice that is not cloudy.

Steam Tables

Evaporation causes the concentration of minerals in steam tables and chaffing dishes, which makes cleaning more difficult and shortens the life of the equipment. Scale formation inhibits heat transfer.

The Need For Quality Water

Visual Appeal

Guests are concerned with cleanliness and appearance, especially in their room. When washroom fixtures are stained with dark mineral deposits and soap scum, it reduces the clean appearance of washrooms and kitchens. By treating the water coming into the facility with a Kinetico water softener, you can present a clean and well kept establishment while reducing maintenance, cleaning and fixture replacement costs.


person in light blue bathrobe turning on bathtub faucetCustomers can quickly measure the quality of a facility based on the cleanliness of the washroom. Hard water build up in sinks and showers can cause unsightly spots and films. The time it takes to clean sinks and showers is significant and can be reduced by installing a Kinetico water softener. Shower heads and faucet aerators will stay clean and clear with proper water treatment.

Pools, Saunas and Waterslides

The number one cause of equipment failure is from mineral deposits that build up in the water as the concentration of dissolved solids increases due to evaporation. Large bodies of water evaporate vast amounts of water causing all the minerals in the make-up water to concentrate over time. Eventually minerals begin to precipitate, forming scale on pool liners, pump impellers, heaters and pipes. Chemicals are often used to combat the high levels of dissolved solids, but these can be an expensive maintenance cost. Proper water pretreatment will remove the problem at its source, eliminate scale formation and significantly improve the life of all aqueous equipment.

Water touches every part of your business. You owe it to yourself and your customers to provide the best accommodations possible; would you settle for anything less?

Kinetico has the right solution, the highest quality equipment and one of the best warranties in the business.